Professional Tip: Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

The kitchen is the hardest-working room in your home. This is one of the few spaces that everybody needs to access, every day. Renovating this space is a great decision but a very big step. Make sure you are working with the top home renovation team. You’re about to add terrific value to your quality of life and the price of your home. You can stay within budget by making your cabinet selection from the wide variety of kitchen cabinets for sale.

Kitchen Remodel On A Budget: Decisions To Make And We Can Help!

Depending on your home decor, design and color preferences, cabinet selection is critical. Your selection can be narrowed by reviewing the kitchen cabinets for sale. Review what product fits your New Jersey kitchen remodel on a budget. Consider the following features:

Professional Tip: Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

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Facing Style. Do you prefer a flat finish cabinet, or door with more architectural detail such as inset panels and curved moldings? This decision will impact future cleaning needs. Consider this decision carefully. Current Sales include mid-range prices featuring Colline Cinnamon. It includes a striking cabinet facing, hopper cabinets above and open shelving.

Color. Would you prefer a painted cabinet, or do you need a particular wood tone to match the rest of your home? The top home renovation team and design professionals can help you pick the best colors or wood tones to match your current decor. Current sales include Country and Golden Oak, a lovely Glacier White cabinet with glass doors on upper cabinets, and a beautiful cherry finish with crown molding detail. If paid off in twelve months, your new kitchen is interest-free!

Function. Do you want glass panes inserted for display cabinet options? This option can be striking when used with the right lighting. If your existing cabinet above the refrigerator is completely unusable because access is difficult, consider creating a display cabinet in this area.

Existing Space. Do you have a “dead” corner in which things currently get lost? Would you like to replace it with a Lazy Susan? Is there a soffit in place above your existing cabinets? Were you planning to tear it out? Cabinets with a crown molding detail such as the Fabu Wellington Spice Design offer terrific options for adding decorating touches or lighting features to your new cabinet design.

Professional Tip: Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

Kitchen cabinet image source: Flickr

Personal Needs and Preferences. Are you tall? Upper cabinets may well get more use. Also, if the adults in your house are taller than average, you might want to consider a taller than average base cabinet to raise the countertop height. Drawer space in bottom cabinets is important to consider. Drawers bring items to you. Base cabinets make you reach for them. Current sales include beautiful Shaker Maple cabinets at $109.00 per foot that feature large, durable drawer storage. If you’re shorter than average, mounting cabinets all the way to the ceiling could mean you spend far too much time on a step stool. It’s important to enjoy your new kitchen. However, it’s critical to be able to work in your kitchen. Selecting the right cabinets will help you fulfill both of these needs. Talk to the designers at the top home renovation showroom to determine your best fit.


Kitchen cabinets generally come in stock sizes. Measure the full length of your base cabinets and the square footage of your existing countertops. Measure the upper cabinets. Determine your height preference from countertop to the bottom of the upper cabinets.  See if you want a change from the standard upper cabinet height.

Design professionals at Cabinets New Jersey can combine your color and style preferences with the layout requirements of your Wayne or Franklin Lakes home. They will help you find the perfect cabinet and countertop package for your home. The financing options and the wide variety of kitchen cabinets for sale can make your selection easier. This will help you complete your kitchen remodel on a budget.

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