Professional Tip: How to Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinets

If you are in the midst of a kitchen renovation, one of the key changes you need to consider is changing out the kitchen cabinets. Choosing new cabinets can carry a hefty price tag but it is also the single best way to get a greater return on your investment in terms of increasing your home’s overall value. Not only are cabinets one of the biggest budget considerations, though. This design element is also what guests often see first when they enter the room. Your cabinet choice actually has a huge impact on the overall feel of the room’s design.

In addition to impacting the design, cabinets are also one of those components that “you get what you pay for.” The main reason there is such a quality variance with the price is that kitchen cabinet sets are constructed using a variety of different techniques and materials. This depends on the price point. The construction and materials actually vary in a form of “good,” “better,” and “best” based on price. And, even beyond construction, there are things to consider, such as soft-close hinges, full extension drawers, hardware, and more.

So, where do you even start when choosing the best kitchen cabinets for your space? Here are a few tips as well as a few examples of high-quality bargain kitchen cabinets.

Questions to Ask Yourself as You Look for the Best Kitchen Cabinets

Professional Tip: How to Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

One of the first things you need to do to choose the best kitchen cabinets for your space is to define your goals. Determine what you want the end result of the space to be. To do that, you can ask yourself a few simple questions, such as:

• What doesn’t work about the existing kitchen cabinet sets? By pinpointing your issues with the current cabinetry, you can look for better solutions for the new cabinets.
What is the style of your home and kitchen? The existing style of your home should play a role in the overall style of your kitchen. You want a style that flows with the rest of your home.
• How long do you plan on staying in your home? Deciding whether you are updating to sell the property or stay in it will help you determine the price point you are willing to pay, as well as the amount of customization that you want in the new space.

Consider the Specifics

Once you have determined your overall goal in the redesign, you can consider a few more of the specifics to begin making your selection.

Construction and Style

Professional Tip: How to Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

One of the most important considerations you’ll make regarding your new kitchen cabinet sets is the construction and style that you want. You’ll want to consider whether you prefer a frameless or traditional style cabinet. Determine what type of door fits best with your style. Traditional-overlay doors are designed to cover some of the frame. Full-overlays cover the entire frame and insets are set into the door.

If you are looking for more traditional construction and style, consider the bargain kitchen cabinets we have available in our $1,499 package. The package includes a total of 10 cabinets including a sink base, lazy susan, and full wall options. This package features a variety of different finishes on our solid kitchen cabinet sets and is great for a more traditional look in your Wayne or Franklin Lakes, New Jersey kitchen.


In addition to construction and style, you’ll also want to consider any accessories that you may want in your kitchen –  pullout drawers for pots and pans, oversized spaces for baking sheets, lazy susans, drawer organizers, and even built-in spice racks.

We have a number of additional accessory options available in our $1,999 bargain kitchen cabinets package. Again, these cabinet sets are available in a number of different finishes. They also include add-ons like built-in wine racks, open-faced cabinets, and more.


A final aspect that can really set the style of your kitchen above the rest is the hardware used on your cabinetry. Selecting more modern hardware provides you with a sleeker look while a traditional style is more subtle.

Our $2,199 bargain kitchen cabinets package comes with a variety of cabinet styles and finishes, but it also offers superior options in terms of hardware, such as solid metal bar handles for a more modern feel or even more traditional knobs for a customized but traditional look.

Choosing the best kitchen cabinets can make all the difference in the look and feel of your home. Follow these tips and know what to look for, and you’ll have the perfect cabinets for your new kitchen in no time. Be sure to consider all of our bargain kitchen cabinets as you make a decision to get the best quality at the best price.

Featured image source: Flickr 

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