Kitchen Color Ideas: Watery Blue Soothes Your Home

Among all of the kitchen color ideas, perhaps the most favorite color is watery blue. These soft aqua tones can be used throughout a room. They won’t overwhelm other décor or conflict with brighter colors. Watery blue with slight gray or green undertones is something you should consider when thinking about your kitchen color ideas.

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Kitchen Color Ideas: Watery Blue Soothes Your Home

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

Light blue, especially the watery aqua hues, have a known calm, balancing effect. Making it the focal point amid neutral backgrounds can instantly work the same magic on anyone entering your kitchen. Painting the island a serene aqua blue instantly makes it the focal point of an otherwise drab kitchen. Friends may be entertained in the living room. At the same time, families tend to gather in the kitchen. This is a more intimate and casual environment. Splashes of soothing blue can help to keep moods light and balanced. They also add to those warm holiday feelings.

Easy on the Eyes

Cool colors tend to recede, and lighter colors are more reflective. A soft blue also works well in smaller, darker spaces such as alcoves and niches, or where natural light from windows is weak. Soft blues suggest the outdoors – the sky, clear water, and a sense of purity and freshness. The calm, cool blue is restful on the eyes.

Aqua blue is a versatile color.  It works well with many color combinations and in many styles and accents. You may not want it on your walls as giving too much a sense of liquidity or dreaminess, but as counterbalance to stronger or very bland colors it works beautifully.

Kitchen Color Ideas

Kitchen Color Ideas: Watery Blue Soothes Your Home

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr


It can also represent a soothing counter to stronger colors like red, or the orange tones of some granites. It also blends easily with moderate yellows and greens. Brighter and more vibrant blue only becomes more energizing while still retaining the same balanced feel.

You could also elaborate on the magic of aqua blues by combining different tones in a layered effect. Subtle differences between lighter tones will be hard to spot and can actually clash up close, or blend pointlessly together from a distance. But the relative contrast between a soft aqua and rich turquoise, or even darker navy blue or purple, is eye-catching and stylish.

Light neutral tones such as white or beige are popular throughout a home, but a little bit of color can brighten things up and add a personal touch. Watery blue makes warm tones and wood surfaces, such as hardwood floors and cabinets, stand out a little more, while breaking up the monotony of four neutral walls.

Those light, watery blues work very naturally with wood of all kinds, from light natural oak to darker maple and cherry finishes. If you’re considering a remodel, be sure to check out our three special factory-direct kitchen package deals for transforming your kitchen with new cabinets and granite countertops. Price models are based on cost-per-foot for a 10×10 kitchen area, depending on the style and materials you choose, such as a Glacier White or satin cherry finish.

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Featured image source: Flickr

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