Bright colors can add a touch of unique whimsy and style in your home, especially in your kitchen where modern designs are often monochromatic and neutral. A splash of brilliant color will distinguish your home and kitchen as a bold canvas for modern cabinets design. This unexpected kitchen color is fresh and exciting with a sophisticated appeal. It is the addition of a strong focal point for your elegant kitchen. Blue is a cheerful color, often underused in the modern kitchen. Cabinets design in bright blue can elevate the style of your kitchen into a category all its own.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Modern cabinets are available in a variety of finishes and colors. However, brilliant blue tones are often not among the common choices. Blue was a common color in the 1950’s kitchen. It returned as a popular choice in the 1980’s country kitchen. The blues of the past are now new and fresh with vibrant shades. These shades are unique to home design. When paired with sleek, modern lines, blue returns as an exhilarating modern cabinets design choice. It contrasts with cold, hard surfaces such as stainless steel, granite, and stone. Paired with vintage elements, blue can add authenticity to the traditional kitchen. This friendly, energetic color is very versatile. It can take on a starring role in the contemporary kitchen in Wayne, NJ.

Many Shades of Blue

Blue is considered a cool color. However, it can take on either a subtle or attention-grabbing role in kitchen design. A dark shade of navy blue or a pale shade of eggshell blue offers a quiet, understated style in the kitchen. However, a jolt of bright cerulean, periwinkle or turquoise shades makes a bold statement. At the same time, it emphasizes unique contemporary architecture and clean lines. You’ll enjoy the vibrant energy you feel in your kitchen when you design your space with a bright blue palette. The warmth of a clear blue sky or crystal-clear seas can add an exotic and happy feel to the kitchen of your New Jersey home. Your decor can also be enhanced by multiple shades of blue. These include dark or light shades. Blues with a green hue or a purple tone offer a unique contrast. This contrast will make your kitchen anything but average.

A Contrast to Neutral Shades

Kitchen Cabinet Paint: Bold Blue Colors for a Cheerful Look

Kitchen cabinet image source: Standout tile design

Brilliant blue kitchen cabinets colors offer a contrast to both wooden and metal elements in the kitchen. Blue easily stands alone as an accent or as a primary color for modern cabinets and walls. Just as a bright blue sky provides a stellar backdrop in nature, blue as a cabinets design element contrasts with its surroundings. It makes any room in your Franklin Lakes home more vibrant. A bright blue color in your kitchen decor sets the stage for other colorful elements. These include modern art, fresh flowers, colorful dishware and lively upholstery fabrics.

Our Modern Cabinets Deals

Our selection of three excellent modern cabinets deals allows you to recreate your kitchen into a customized space. This space should reflect your taste and style. Solid wood doors and strong plywood boxes offer durable function. They also provide an impeccable style. Our low factory-direct prices for blue kitchen cabinets with a durable plywood box mean you can find a high-end style and design for an affordable price. High-quality granite countertops are available to complement your blue kitchen cabinets choices. We offer free estimates and professional installation services as well.

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