Kitchen Cabinet Color: Contrast for a Unique Look

Black is a kitchen cabinet color that is often ignored in a home – especially in the kitchen, where light, breezy colors and warm woods tend to be preferred. However, black or dark woods can be an elegant, modern addition to the kitchen. It is especially effective when contrasted with white, chrome, stone and tile surfaces. The sheen and polish of black along with the rich depth of this dark shade can also add drama and a spacious look to your New Jersey kitchen.

Classic, Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet Color

Black or dark woods are not a traditional color in the kitchen, but black is a classic and traditional color that is absolutely timeless. At the same time, a great deal of black can quickly turn a room into a dark cave. This is why it is a good idea to use black sparingly or with the assistance of a professional designer. For example, black or dark wood cabinets paired with light-colored granite countertops can make a dramatic statement. At the same time, they create a bright, vibrant decor.

Black Tile and Countertops

Kitchen Cabinet Color: Contrast for a Unique Look

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Black tile for a countertop or backsplash can be especially beautiful in the kitchen. For a retro look, choose black and white tile in a checkerboard pattern. You can also choose subway tiles that alternate with black and white. Texture can also be an important consideration with matte black and polished black tiles or stone countertops. They can provide two very different looks in your Wayne home. Polished black counters provide a sophisticated accompaniment for stainless steel appliances. Warm wooden cabinet colors can add contrast with a soft, natural look.

Dark Flooring

Black flooring can add a saturated depth to a room. This will make a room feel much larger. White walls and white kitchen cabinet colors can make the room feel taller. They can also create an optical illusion that will enhance the look of your Franklin Lakes kitchen. Shades of gray can buffer the contrast. Colorful accessories will prevent the space from looking overly cold or industrial.

Black Appliances

Kitchen Cabinet Color: Contrast for a Unique Look

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

Black appliances such as the refrigerator, sink, stove and dishwasher can provide a high-end look in the kitchen. Black is a practical color for the kitchen, and black appliances can create a unique style, especially when paired with a light kitchen cabinet color. The resulting look is edgy and modern, with a clean contemporary style that is also warm and pleasant. Natural stone countertops can soften the look, or a more modern style can be continued with polished black granite countertops.

Dark Grout

When selecting tile, it’s easy to choose a standard gray or white grout that doesn’t make an impact. However, black grout can make a dramatic difference in the look of your tile and have a strong effect on your decor. When used with black tile, black grout fades into the background and creates the look of a solid surface. When used with white or light-colored tile, black grout creates patterns that become more important than the tile itself. A plain white tile can become a special design element when set in an interesting pattern that is enhanced with black grout.

Our Kitchen Cabinet Specials

We offer low factory-direct prices on kitchen cabinets with many different styles and colors. We pair our cabinet specials with granite countertops, so you can choose contrasting styles to create your custom kitchen. Our dark Coco Shaker cabinets will look beautiful with a light-colored countertop, and our selection of white cabinetry can be enhanced with a dark polished granite and black appliances. Our wide variety of warm wood kitchen cabinet colors allows you to contrast natural colors with countertops and tile in black and white for a unique and beautiful look.

Featured image source: Flickr

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