How to Make Your Kitchen Cabinet Storage Efficient

Regardless of whether you do or don’t know the look you would prefer for your kitchen, planning your kitchen cabinet storage is quite a feat. You will have to know the storage space required. You would also have to know how much cabinetry you can install. At the same time, you shouldn’t compromise the appearance and feel of your kitchen.

You also have to decide what needs to be stored in the cabinets. To help you avoid needless guesswork and blunders, the following are tips on how to achieve efficiency while planning your kitchen cabinet storage.

Determine the functions of your kitchen cabinet drawers

How to Make Your Kitchen Cabinet Storage Efficient

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Take the advantage every inch offers. Work details into your kitchen cabinet storage plan right from the beginning. You may end up with an extra 6 or 9 inches of kitchen cabinet storage space. This might be ideal for the storage of cookie sheets, wine bottles, or cookbooks.

The allocation of functions to your drawers depends on proximity to other kitchen appliances and the kitchen cabinet sizes. First, you should decide the placement of your kitchen appliances and plumbing fixtures. You also need to be aware of exactly how much space is available. Then you can easily determine each of your cabinet’s function. You must also determine what you would like to have at arm’s length.

Silverware kitchen cabinet drawers make for an easy cleanup when placed near the dishwasher and sink. Storage of spices inside a drawer set close to your cooktop significantly eases the hassle of cooking. Store everyday items in cabinets near your kitchen sink or prep area. This is where you frequently use such items. Place the items you utilize less frequently farther from your main working area.

Use handy cabinet inserts and organizers to clarify the purpose of each of your kitchen drawer and cabinet. Sponge trays, trash pullouts, and silverware organizers might prove quite helpful. You should also remember that mixing and matching items inside cabinets and drawers is a possibility. There aren’t any strict rules relating to the division of items. This means that the kitchen cabinet drawers meant for the storage of pans and pots also offer excellent storage space for salt, cooking oil, and vinegar. You can utilize different kitchen cabinet sizes available to decide where to store your items.

Decide between shelved cabinets and drawers

How to Make Your Kitchen Cabinet Storage Efficient

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

Shelved kitchen cabinets often cost less compared to kitchen cabinet drawers. The depth and width provided by kitchen cabinet drawers can be put to more use. They allow you to utilize the entire depth and they are easier to use and clean. Most people prefer cabinet drawers. They say that they are more comfortable and easier to use.

The decision of whether use shelved cabinets or drawers for the storage space under your kitchen counter will often be determined by the availability of width space. The possibilities kitchen cabinet sizes offer are also more flexible when compared to drawers. You can only be able to go for kitchen drawers if space allows since they are wider and deeper. For the small spaces, the different kitchen cabinet sizes available works the best. Remember to use narrow banks of kitchen drawers. They are great for the storage of table linens and silverware.

Maximize your kitchen storage space

If you want to open up your kitchen area, eliminating your upper cabinetry tends to be among the best ways to visually open up your kitchen. Plus, this will provide the needed storage space on top of the desired open feel. Maximizing on storage will often result in a more open feel to your kitchen. This is mainly due to the reduction of clutter. Devoting an entire wall to full-height storage, creating space for a counter, and eliminating the need for upper cabinetry, can all significantly maximize your storage space.

Playing around with the height of your kitchen drawers and counter can also maximize your storage space. Utilize the leftover space next to the deep-set refrigerator. Deepen the upper cabinets and counters. Stretch your cabinets all the way to the kitchen ceiling. Keep your cabinetry, island, and countertop lined up and of a simple design. Linear alignments will make your kitchen appear longer as a result of fewer interruptions to the eye.

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