Guide to Choosing Perfect Kitchen Cabinets in New Jersey

Choosing kitchen cabinets in New Jersey is going to make or break your kitchen’s style, functionality and aesthetic. Everything needs to be carefully selected. Corbels, flat panels, aprons, recessed pulls, knobs – everything is important. A budget doesn’t necessarily limit your options. It will be all about knowing how to select materials and accessories. These should still provide the “wow” factor everyone wants their kitchen to possess.

Start with your budget and look at your kitchen

Try to imagine how you’d like it to look. Can your budget accomplish it? You may need the ear of a contractor or an architect to fully realize your vision. A smart and reputable partner will know how to come as close to your vision as possible. He or she will know how to do this without putting your budget on the back burner. Sometimes you need to be prepared to pay for the best that your budget can afford. This is not easy. In these cases, you need to try to have a little extra just in case. However, with Cabinet New Jersey the situation changes. We offer 100% solid wood doors kitchen cabinets on a discount and no hidden fees. With us, what you see is what you get. What you will see are the best kitchen cabinets in New Jersey.

Types of kitchen cabinets in New Jersey

Guide to Choosing Perfect Kitchen Cabinets in New Jersey

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

There are stock, custom and semi-custom types throughout kitchen cabinet stores NJ. Stock are the least expensive. They are put together on-site. Semi-custom will have greater configurations, but you may have to compromise on your vision to fit the style with your budget. Custom cabinets are designed to fit your specs to a “T.” Custom kitchen cabinets in New Jersey can include personalized features and exacting designs.


The kitchen cabinet style is something we all love to think about and imagine. However, try to be practical. Think about choosing between framed or frameless style. Frameless cabinets have doors and drawers attached directly to the box, creating a contemporary look and providing greater accessibility. You can select flat, inset or shaker door styles. From there, branch out into greater distinctions – always keeping low prices in kitchen cabinets in mind – like louvered, distressed, beadboard or thermofoil.

Look at your options in features

Guide to Choosing Perfect Kitchen Cabinets in New Jersey

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

Cabinet beauty and functionality is greatly enhanced by features. Sticking with standard accessories will certainly cost you less. Putting a little extra into the budget for a pull-out garbage bin or built-in charging stations will make it easier to use the kitchen and maximize its resale value. Lazy Susans, lift cabinets with spring-loaded shelves and solid wood drawers with dovetail joinery will do wonders. Accessorizing includes everything from knobs to drawer glides. Eliminate dead space with storage with pull out components that hide coffee machines or food processors. Get an idea of everything you could possibly do by visiting kitchen cabinet stores NJ – Cabinet New Jersey in Wayne. Let your vision determine the options best for you. With us, your budget is not an issue. We offer the best kitchen cabinets in New Jersey at discount prices. Our 10 x 10 kitchen includes 11 cabinets among which is Lazy Susan.


There is no greater way to personalize your kitchen than through finishes. Stain paints, glazes, and other finishes will define the environment and set the right mood. You can go rustic, hickory, maple, oak or other. Your choice here will only be the beginning. From there, it’s time to choose paints and glazes. By the time you’ve compiled your final design, you are guaranteed your kitchen has a unique look.


A growing design trend in kitchen cabinets in New Jersey is integrated lighting. This feature ensures that, regardless of light sources, you will always be able to see the contents of your cabinets. Kitchen cabinet stores NJ offer tech where a light comes on anytime you open a drawer or a cabinet. Also available is undercabinet lighting with LED fixtures like built-in plugs for appliances and USB ports.

For truly low prices in kitchen cabinets, make sure you check out the most reliable kitchen cabinet store in NJ – Cabinet New Jersey. Our staff of professionals can give you the 411 on everything from recessed pulls to the difference between finishes like teaberry and malbac, on top of taking advantage of low prices in kitchen cabinets.

With the above information at hand, there’s no doubt you will make all the right choices for kitchen cabinets in New Jersey. Contact us today for a free, no obligation estimate.


Featured image source: Flickr

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