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Kitchen Cabinet Paint: Bold Blue Colors for a Cheerful Look

May 6, 2016

Bright colors can add a touch of unique whimsy and style in your home, especially in your kitchen where modern designs are often monochromatic and neutral. A splash of brilliant color will distinguish your home and kitchen as a bold canvas for modern cabinets design. This unexpected kitchen color is fresh and exciting with a sophisticated appeal. It is the addition of a strong focal point for your elegant kitchen. Blue is a cheerful color, often underused in the modern kitchen. Cabinets design in bright blue can elevate the style of your kitchen into a category all its own.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Modern cabinets are available in a variety of finishes and colors. However, brilliant blue tones are often not among the common choices. Blue was a common color in the 1950’s kitchen. It returned as a popular choice in the 1980’s country kitchen. The blues of the past are now new and fresh with vibrant shades. These shades are unique to home design. When paired with sleek, modern lines, blue returns as an exhilarating modern cabinets design choice. It contrasts with cold, hard surfaces such as stainless steel, granite, and stone. Paired with vintage elements, blue can add authenticity to the traditional kitchen. This friendly, energetic color is very versatile. It can take on a starring role in the contemporary kitchen in Wayne, NJ.

Many Shades of Blue

Blue is considered a cool color. However, it can take on either a subtle or attention-grabbing role in kitchen design. A dark shade of navy blue or a pale shade of eggshell blue offers a quiet, understated style in the kitchen. However, a jolt of bright cerulean, periwinkle or turquoise shades makes a bold statement. At the same time, it emphasizes unique contemporary architecture and clean lines. You’ll enjoy the vibrant energy you feel in your kitchen when you design your space with a bright blue palette. The warmth of a clear blue sky or crystal-clear seas can add an exotic and happy feel to the kitchen of your New Jersey home. Your decor can also be enhanced by multiple shades of blue. These include dark or light shades. Blues with a green hue or a purple tone offer a unique contrast. This contrast will make your kitchen anything but average.

A Contrast to Neutral Shades

Kitchen Cabinet Paint: Bold Blue Colors for a Cheerful Look

Kitchen cabinet image source: Standout tile design

Brilliant blue kitchen cabinets colors offer a contrast to both wooden and metal elements in the kitchen. Blue easily stands alone as an accent or as a primary color for modern cabinets and walls. Just as a bright blue sky provides a stellar backdrop in nature, blue as a cabinets design element contrasts with its surroundings. It makes any room in your Franklin Lakes home more vibrant. A bright blue color in your kitchen decor sets the stage for other colorful elements. These include modern art, fresh flowers, colorful dishware and lively upholstery fabrics.

Our Modern Cabinets Deals

Our selection of three excellent modern cabinets deals allows you to recreate your kitchen into a customized space. This space should reflect your taste and style. Solid wood doors and strong plywood boxes offer durable function. They also provide an impeccable style. Our low factory-direct prices for blue kitchen cabinets with a durable plywood box mean you can find a high-end style and design for an affordable price. High-quality granite countertops are available to complement your blue kitchen cabinets choices. We offer free estimates and professional installation services as well.

Featured image source: Pic2viral

Kitchen Cabinets Colors: Bring the Spring Inside

April 29, 2016

Adding Spring Color to a Kitchen Cabinet Design

As winter turns to spring, many homeowners get inspired to make some changes to the décor of their home. They want the inside of their home to reflect the seasonal changes that are happening outside their home. One idea is to put some colorful new cabinets into the kitchen. Changing the kitchen cabinet design can refresh the look of this popular room. Plus, a set of new cabinets can provide a homeowner with more space for dishes, food containers and other items they keep in the kitchen. Check out some ideas on how you can make your cabinets the highlight of your kitchen.

A Kitchen Cabinet Design with a Touch of Green

Kitchen Cabinets Colors: Bring the Spring Inside

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

Green is the color of spring. Why not put in some green kitchen cabinets? One of the nicest things about this color option is there are so many shades to choose from. Plus, there are many things homeowners can do to emphasize the beauty of these cabinets. For instance, a homeowner can put in light colored tile or wood flooring that showcases the cabinets. Or, a homeowner can invest in new appliances featuring pastel colors that complement the green kitchen cabinets. A kitchen with a skylight or a large window will let in plenty of sunlight that shows off the rich green kitchen cabinets. Family members and visitors alike will enjoy spending time in this cheerful, inviting space. At Cabinet New Jersey, we have several amazing deals happening now including 11 solid wood cabinets for $1499.00 for a 10×10 kitchen. We have other bargains on cabinets including a package for $1999.00 as well as one for $2199.00. Homeowners can get a special price if they choose to add a granite countertop to any of these three deals. We specialize in quality cheap cabinets NJ.

Crimson Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets Colors: Bring the Spring Inside

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

Some homeowners want a cabinet design that features a collection of cabinets in crimson. These cabinets make a memorable impression on anyone who enters the kitchen area. There are many items of furniture that can complement crimson kitchen cabinets. For example, a gathering of black bar stools or chairs can emphasize the color of the cabinets. Granite countertops look more elegant sitting beneath crimson cabinets. A well-lit kitchen or one with several windows will emphasize this deep color. Some homeowners like to put in a white or light colored kitchen floor to further enhance the deep color of their crimson cabinets. We have relationships with many homeowners in Wayne. They appreciate our inventory of cheap cabinets NJ that are made with quality materials. We believe that cabinets can be well-made and still have a reasonable price tag.

Reliable Service

We offer a free estimate on our quality cheap cabinets NJ. Our professional designers are more than happy to meet with homeowners regarding any of our cabinets and countertops. We love to hear the cabinet design ideas of homeowners! We understand that getting new kitchen cabinets and countertops is a big decision. That’s why we take the time to listen to a homeowner’s thoughts, ideas, and preferences. At the end of the discussion, we want each homeowner to be happy with his decision regarding kitchen cabinet design.

We are proud to provide quality cheap cabinets NJ to homeowners in Wayne, Franklin Lakes and beyond! Contact us about a collection of new green kitchen cabinets or another creative idea for your kitchen space today!

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Kitchen Cabinets: 6 Ways to Mix and Match Colors and Materials

April 17, 2016

Kitchen cabinets are no longer places to just store or hide things. They have become the focal point of a beautiful and inviting room. They don’t even have to be the same colors or textures, as can be seen in the cabinets offered by Fabuwood and Forevermark Cabinet, now for sale at Aqua Kitchen & Bath Design Center. Here are six ways to mix and match the materials and kitchen cabinet color.

White and Varnished Wood

Kitchen Cabinets: 6 Ways to Mix and Match Colors and Materials

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

One wall of white painted cabinets contrasts prettily with another wall of wooden cabinets that have been varnished to bring out their grain. The colors are repeated in the kitchen island. The kitchen island has a white top and a wooden base. The look is completed by a hardwood floor, a white ceiling and gray accents on the bar stools. There can also be a backsplash beneath the white cabinets. Look for something similar in our Fabuwood and Forevermark Cabinet collection.


Mixing and matching different neutral colors gives a kitchen a feeling of coziness. Floor cabinets of a light tan color with a gray granite top can separate the kitchen proper from a breakfast nook. The breakfast nook has a leather upholstered banquet that echoes the color of the floor cabinets and a light wood table with a matching bench. The wall cabinets can be off white. The floor made of bright white resilient tiles and the walls are a very pale beige. Pops of more vivid color can be contributed by well-placed artwork, flowers or even food. The cabinets or ones like them are offered by Fabuwood and Forevermark Cabinet.

Metal and Color

Shiny gray metal contrasts beautifully with a bold kitchen cabinet color like fire-engine red. This works especially well if the metal cabinets are on the wall and the colorful cabinets are on the floor. The red color is duplicated in the red knobs on a highly polished, stainless steel stove. A black floor anchors everything.

Soft Kitchen Cabinet Color

An otherwise black and white galley kitchen is softened by melon-colored wall cabinets and a light colored hardwood floor. Undersink lights make it easier to wash dishes or prepare meals on the countertops. The focal point of the kitchen is a gray Roman shade that furls up to reveal French doors that open to a balcony. For even more impact, a homeowner can place potted plants on the balcony in view of the kitchen.

Dark Blue and Wood

Kitchen Cabinets: 6 Ways to Mix and Match Colors and Materials

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

Photo by Leonard Grant Architecture – Look for contemporary kitchen pictures

A dark blue pantry whose color is continued in the floor cabinets makes a small kitchen with a slanted ceiling and skylight look much more interesting than it would if all the cabinets matched the wooden china cabinet and the floor cabinet opposite it. The floor is also made of hardwood, but the expanse of wood is broken up by a pretty Oriental area rug.Wood and Stone

Wood and Stone

Some homeowners like their wood to be unpainted and even unvarnished. Pale European maple wall cabinets with minimal hardware contrast nicely with darker wood floor cabinets whose burls and knots have been allowed to remain on the hardware-less drawers. One section of the upper cabinets doesn’t even have doors in order to show off some of the dinner services. But contrasting with all this rustic wood are countertops of sumptuous white marble with gray veins and a backsplash made of glossy white subway tile.

For more information about our Fabuwood and Forevermark Cabinet products, call Aqua Kitchen & Bath Design Center at 973-302-2071. Feel free to visit our showroom at 1107 Route 23 South in Wayne, New Jersey.

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Gray Colors from Kitchen Cabinet NJ

April 14, 2016

A misconception by most homeowners is that gray is a cold color. Leading kitchen cabinet and countertop experts such as Kitchen Cabinet NJ, Fabuwood Cabinetry, Forevermark Cabinet, Wolf Cabinetry, Hanssem Corporation, and CNC Carpentry insist and advice that gray complements nearly all the other colors. They also say that it is among the best neutrals. Gray often looks great on so many different textures. Various shades of gray produce amazing results in paint. This depends on the coolness and warmth of the tones we apply.

Warm and Inviting Kitchen by Kitchen Cabinet NJ

Gray Colors from Kitchen Cabinet NJ

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

We provide a great combination of different shades of gray and other colors. This makes your contemporary kitchen inviting and warm. Shades of gray plus a touch of brown, in conjunction with natural travertine and a dark wood tone, result in a warm and inviting kitchen. To add a personal touch, we apply splashes of color to your bar chairs and high display cabinets. For free estimates and advice on this top notch kitchen in New Jersey, please look us up. We have a close working relation with residents of Wayne Township and the Borough of Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. You could also compare prices with the other major cabinet vendors such as Fabuwood Cabinetry, Forevermark Cabinet, Wolf Cabinetry, Hanssem Corporation, and CNC Carpentry.

Kitchen Cabinet NJ offers deals on 1/2″ thick plywood box (no crushed Wood), 5/8 50 Lb. Weight capacity drawers, backs are glued, stapled and screwed. We offer full overlay soft closing door, full extensions under mount soft close door cabinets, plus six color choice granite countertops. We also offer free estimates and free edge & Sink cut outs. For a total of 2,923, 3,423 or 3,623 dollars you get one of any three different 10X10 kitchen layouts. This includes eleven solid wood doors cabinets and granite countertop on offer, for 1,499, 1,999 and 2,199 dollars for the three different types cabinets on offer.

Super Industrial Feel

Gray Colors from Kitchen Cabinet NJ

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

Corrugated metal insets and dark gray cabinetry create an interesting combination. It has a super industrial feel. To keep your kitchen from seeming too dark, combine the darker gray cabinetry with lighter metal. A combination of light gray walls and near black cabinetry provide you with varied tones of gray. Light, medium and dark gray complement a super industrial feel kitchen. Look for expert advice on industrial feel kitchens from Kitchen Cabinet NJ, Fabuwood Cabinetry, Forevermark Cabinet, Wolf Cabinetry, Hanssem Corporation, or CNC Carpentry. High gloss white upper kitchen cabinets with subtle gray lower kitchen cabinets are a real treat. Using middle tone stainless steel grating to wrap the island siding brings it all together. It creates an amazing color and texture combination. The mixture of texture and tonal quality is quite an incredible middleman to the other materials and colors of your kitchen.

Concrete Gray

According to leading experts such as Kitchen Cabinet NJ, Fabuwood Cabinetry, Forevermark Cabinet, Wolf Cabinetry, Hanssem Corporation, and CNC Carpentry, there is nothing lovelier than concrete gray. Warm tones of wood with glossy white cabinetry counter the concrete gray’s coolness. This gives an exquisite effect. Additional tone variations of gray can be used around the kitchen. This adds to the overall effect. Soft gray and white are quite elegant and feminine. They go particularly well with the primary palette. This provides the most beautiful backdrop for the other splashes of color you use in accessories. Beautiful wood cabinetry can be added to raised-bar countertops for your contemporary kitchen. It makes the gray concrete countertop feel like a cohesive part of the overall design aesthetically. This creates structure and ties the remaining room to your kitchen. It carries the floor color through the spaces. Island gray concrete countertops are perfectly played off by reddish brown cabinetry. This is an environment that shouts enjoyment and hanging out with family and friends. Feel free to contact us. Use an expert advice on kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertop installations.

Featured image source: Flickr

Neutral Colors with Style: Kitchen Cabinet NJ

April 9, 2016

Neutral colors in your New Jersey home’s decor create a quiet palette. They create an elegant backdrop for colorful elements and unique architectural details. Beige and gray are neutral colors for decor elements such as countertops, flooring, and cabinets. These colors are typically not mixed together. Still, they can stand on their own or make a beautiful pairing with natural wood and stone. Beige and gray can be used in the traditional home. They can also be the foundation of contemporary designs.

Gray or Beige?

Neutral Colors with Style: Kitchen Cabinet NJ

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

Each of these neutral shades has a significantly different tone. Beige is the warm neutral. It provides a soft glow that pairs nicely with wooden flooring. It provides a sophisticated accompaniment to brown, copper and bronze shades of granite and wooden flooring. Gray also can be paired with wooden elements. Still, it provides much more of a contrast. Gray in darker shades can have a modern, dramatic look when it is used with wood, marble or white elements in the home. Cool gray provides an air of sophistication. It serves as the ideal backdrop for bright primary colors, such as furniture or art.

Choosing Kitchen Cabinet NJ

Cupboards are the foundation of your kitchen. Your choices will define the look of your home for many years to come. Cabinetry is available in many different styles, designs, and colors. It will be enhanced by beautiful paint, countertops, and furniture inspired by your personal taste. We offer beautiful colors that will enhance granite, stone, wood and tile countertops and flooring.

Fabuwood Cabinetry

Fabuwood Cabinetry is a manufacturer that offers both traditional and modern cabinetry styles in a variety of colors. Colors such as “Slate” and “Frost” are ideal for a gray palette. “Ivory” and “Linen” choices highlight Fabuwood’s beige cabinets. Fabuwood’s focus on customizable quality with affordable pricing defines your home’s architecture.  It meets your kitchen cabinet NJ budget.

Forevermark Cabinets

Forevermark Cabinet is a manufacturing company that creates high-quality assembled kitchen cabinets with Sherwin-Williams coatings. Forevermark cabinets are environmentally friendly. They offer traditional styling and warm woods along with dark and bright finishes. Gray and beige complement and contrast the Forevermark cabinet lines.

Wolf Classic Cabinets

Neutral Colors with Style: Kitchen Cabinet NJ

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

Wolf Classic Cabinets offers maple cabinetry with classic styling. Wolf manufactures dark wood and white products that provide a strong contrast with neutral shades. White cupboards with rich gray walls give the kitchen an updated look. Wolf’s warm woods compliment beige walls or countertops with style in your Franklin Lakes home.


Hanssem is a cabinet manufacturer with sleek modern designs and metallic trims such a brushed aluminum. Warm woods with modern details provide a contrast with neutral grays and a complement to beige tones. Neutral colors allow Hanssem’s unique designs take center stage in the kitchen. Hanssem’s mix-and-match product lines allow you to combine contrast with coordinated color.

CNC Cabinetry

CNC Cabinetry is a manufacturer of framed and frameless cabinets with traditional style. CNC crafts a variety of imported wooden and white cabinets with quality and affordable pricing. CNC’s European-style cabinets provide function and a unique color palette. These colors blend or contrast with your neutral decor.

Our Cabinet Deals

Choose your favorite neutral shade. Pair it with one of the many colors offered in our factory-direct deals. Each sale special includes a full kitchen cabinet NJ layout and a coordinating granite countertop. Choose dark woods, warm woods or white cabinetry. Pair it with coordinating or contrasting granite. Complement your neutral palette. Call us for a free estimate.

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Coloring Your White Kitchen by Kitchen Cabinet NJ

March 30, 2016

White kitchens are ever popular in a classic and timeless manner. Contemporary homeowners crave a little more color additions to their white kitchens. You may have put up a white kitchen decades ago or just bought a house with it. You would probably love to spruce up the overall look. Also, it’s best if undertaking a major remodeling isn’t necessary. According to leading experts in kitchen designs and installations, Kitchen Cabinet NJ, Fabuwood Cabinetry, Forevermark Cabinet, Wolf Cabinetry, and Hanssem Corporation, the greatest attribute of a white kitchen is the outstanding impact of the color you choose to add to it. Additionally, white kitchens present an inexpensive opportunity to impact outstandingly on your overall kitchen design.

Colorful Accessories

Placing your accessories in glass front cabinets, on your open shelves, and even on top of your countertop allows you to experiment with the different available colors. This will allow you an informed decision when ready for a permanent change. Experimenting with colorful accessories is the easiest and inexpensive way to try different color combinations.

Coloring Your White Kitchen by Kitchen Cabinet NJ

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

The accessories you use for your color experiment do not have to be complicated. You could use accessories as simple as cookbooks. Regular kitchen appliances such as stoves and dishwashers come in colors beyond the conventional black, stainless steel and white options. They include a rainbow of colors. Colorful appliances in your white kitchen could change the overall look and feel of your kitchen. A look at the various kitchen designs and white kitchen variations of color splashes by Kitchen Cabinet NJ, Fabuwood Cabinetry, Forevermark Cabinet, Wolf Cabinetry, and Hanssem Corporation will give you a better idea. You will find out what possibilities and designs you may decide on for your white kitchen.Kitchen Cabinet NJ, Fabuwood Cabinetry, Forevermark Cabinet, Wolf Cabinetry, and Hanssem Corporation will give you a better idea. You will find out what possibilities and designs you may decide on for your white kitchen.

Color Fabric Accents

A great opportunity for you to add color to your kitchen is with the color treatment of your windows. Different types of fabric accents will allow you the control of how much color to show. Depending on the amount of color and pattern you want, you could either pull your roman shades up or down. Other beautiful tricks you could employ for your kitchen as learned from Kitchen Cabinet NJ, Fabuwood Cabinetry, Forevermark Cabinet, Wolf Cabinetry and Hanssem Corporation include the hanging of plates and cooking pans of different shapes, sizes and color all around to accentuate your kitchen with color. Adding new colorful seat cushions and re-covering your counter stools in various colors with the all-white background provides an impressive finish. This would very easily satisfy your wildest fancy.

A Paint Job Guide by Kitchen Cabinet NJ

Coloring Your White Kitchen by Kitchen Cabinet NJ

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

Different color paints could have an amazing impact to your white kitchen. Try trimming out your kitchen window in a cheerful color like apple green. This could turn your kitchen window into a focal point that draws your eyes. The addition of wood pieces such as an antique drop leaf-table would greatly contrast your all-white kitchen. It would prevent it from feeling stark. Painting the interiors of your cabinets gives you an incredible effect. It shows off your white china and clear glassware. Interior cabinet painting also gives your cabinets a white seamless look when closed. It gives an electric draw of the painted interior when open.

You could additionally just paint your ceiling in a bright color such as yellow. This gives a cheerful and sunny feel. A different and darker color for your kitchen island adds a wonderful block of color to your white kitchen. You can paint only your lower drawers. This really anchors the entire room in color. It gives an unimaginable effect. Only go for all cabinetry paint jobs when you are completely ready for a change.

Kitchen Cabinets NJ offers amazing deals. Kitchen cabinets are on offer for $1,499, $1,999 and $2,199. Wayne Township and the Borough of Franklin Lakes, New Jersey residents to please look up Fabuwood Cabinetry, Forevermark Cabinet, Wolf Cabinetry, and Hanssem Corporation for a comparison of prices.

Featured image source: Flickr

Kitchen Cabinet Color: Contrast for a Unique Look

March 25, 2016

Black is a kitchen cabinet color that is often ignored in a home – especially in the kitchen, where light, breezy colors and warm woods tend to be preferred. However, black or dark woods can be an elegant, modern addition to the kitchen. It is especially effective when contrasted with white, chrome, stone and tile surfaces. The sheen and polish of black along with the rich depth of this dark shade can also add drama and a spacious look to your New Jersey kitchen.

Classic, Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet Color

Black or dark woods are not a traditional color in the kitchen, but black is a classic and traditional color that is absolutely timeless. At the same time, a great deal of black can quickly turn a room into a dark cave. This is why it is a good idea to use black sparingly or with the assistance of a professional designer. For example, black or dark wood cabinets paired with light-colored granite countertops can make a dramatic statement. At the same time, they create a bright, vibrant decor.

Black Tile and Countertops

Kitchen Cabinet Color: Contrast for a Unique Look

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

Black tile for a countertop or backsplash can be especially beautiful in the kitchen. For a retro look, choose black and white tile in a checkerboard pattern. You can also choose subway tiles that alternate with black and white. Texture can also be an important consideration with matte black and polished black tiles or stone countertops. They can provide two very different looks in your Wayne home. Polished black counters provide a sophisticated accompaniment for stainless steel appliances. Warm wooden cabinet colors can add contrast with a soft, natural look.

Dark Flooring

Black flooring can add a saturated depth to a room. This will make a room feel much larger. White walls and white kitchen cabinet colors can make the room feel taller. They can also create an optical illusion that will enhance the look of your Franklin Lakes kitchen. Shades of gray can buffer the contrast. Colorful accessories will prevent the space from looking overly cold or industrial.

Black Appliances

Kitchen Cabinet Color: Contrast for a Unique Look

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

Black appliances such as the refrigerator, sink, stove and dishwasher can provide a high-end look in the kitchen. Black is a practical color for the kitchen, and black appliances can create a unique style, especially when paired with a light kitchen cabinet color. The resulting look is edgy and modern, with a clean contemporary style that is also warm and pleasant. Natural stone countertops can soften the look, or a more modern style can be continued with polished black granite countertops.

Dark Grout

When selecting tile, it’s easy to choose a standard gray or white grout that doesn’t make an impact. However, black grout can make a dramatic difference in the look of your tile and have a strong effect on your decor. When used with black tile, black grout fades into the background and creates the look of a solid surface. When used with white or light-colored tile, black grout creates patterns that become more important than the tile itself. A plain white tile can become a special design element when set in an interesting pattern that is enhanced with black grout.

Our Kitchen Cabinet Specials

We offer low factory-direct prices on kitchen cabinets with many different styles and colors. We pair our cabinet specials with granite countertops, so you can choose contrasting styles to create your custom kitchen. Our dark Coco Shaker cabinets will look beautiful with a light-colored countertop, and our selection of white cabinetry can be enhanced with a dark polished granite and black appliances. Our wide variety of warm wood kitchen cabinet colors allows you to contrast natural colors with countertops and tile in black and white for a unique and beautiful look.

Featured image source: Flickr

Kitchen Color Ideas: Watery Blue Soothes Your Home

March 14, 2016

Among all of the kitchen color ideas, perhaps the most favorite color is watery blue. These soft aqua tones can be used throughout a room. They won’t overwhelm other décor or conflict with brighter colors. Watery blue with slight gray or green undertones is something you should consider when thinking about your kitchen color ideas.

Safe Haven

Kitchen Color Ideas: Watery Blue Soothes Your Home

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

Light blue, especially the watery aqua hues, have a known calm, balancing effect. Making it the focal point amid neutral backgrounds can instantly work the same magic on anyone entering your kitchen. Painting the island a serene aqua blue instantly makes it the focal point of an otherwise drab kitchen. Friends may be entertained in the living room. At the same time, families tend to gather in the kitchen. This is a more intimate and casual environment. Splashes of soothing blue can help to keep moods light and balanced. They also add to those warm holiday feelings.

Easy on the Eyes

Cool colors tend to recede, and lighter colors are more reflective. A soft blue also works well in smaller, darker spaces such as alcoves and niches, or where natural light from windows is weak. Soft blues suggest the outdoors – the sky, clear water, and a sense of purity and freshness. The calm, cool blue is restful on the eyes.

Aqua blue is a versatile color.  It works well with many color combinations and in many styles and accents. You may not want it on your walls as giving too much a sense of liquidity or dreaminess, but as counterbalance to stronger or very bland colors it works beautifully.

Kitchen Color Ideas

Kitchen Color Ideas: Watery Blue Soothes Your Home

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr


It can also represent a soothing counter to stronger colors like red, or the orange tones of some granites. It also blends easily with moderate yellows and greens. Brighter and more vibrant blue only becomes more energizing while still retaining the same balanced feel.

You could also elaborate on the magic of aqua blues by combining different tones in a layered effect. Subtle differences between lighter tones will be hard to spot and can actually clash up close, or blend pointlessly together from a distance. But the relative contrast between a soft aqua and rich turquoise, or even darker navy blue or purple, is eye-catching and stylish.

Light neutral tones such as white or beige are popular throughout a home, but a little bit of color can brighten things up and add a personal touch. Watery blue makes warm tones and wood surfaces, such as hardwood floors and cabinets, stand out a little more, while breaking up the monotony of four neutral walls.

Those light, watery blues work very naturally with wood of all kinds, from light natural oak to darker maple and cherry finishes. If you’re considering a remodel, be sure to check out our three special factory-direct kitchen package deals for transforming your kitchen with new cabinets and granite countertops. Price models are based on cost-per-foot for a 10×10 kitchen area, depending on the style and materials you choose, such as a Glacier White or satin cherry finish.

All of our cabinets are solidly constructed and use no crushed wood. These special kitchen packages consist of 11 quality cabinets including your sink base, Lazy Susan, and a diagonal corner piece. If you’re in the Wayne, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey area, call or stop by our showroom today to discuss your new kitchen with a design expert and get a free estimate.

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4 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Kitchen Cabinet

March 7, 2016

The best kitchen cabinet and a great kitchen design not only improve the function of your space, but can also dramatically increase the value of your home. The kitchen is one of the best places to invest your money to get the biggest return, but the key is to consider the most important factors in the kitchen. Beautiful cabinets are one of the most important aspects to prospective buyers and can do wonders for making your kitchen more functional for you as well. To do so, you need to keep the most important factors in mind: quality, symmetry, layout, and color. Choose from a number of our outstanding deals available now, and get the best kitchen cabinet in terms of quality, symmetry, layout, and color.get the best kitchen cabinet in terms of quality, symmetry, layout, and color.

1. Quality Construction of Cabinets

Most people think that the primary focus on the best kitchen cabinet is having a lot of them, this isn’t the case really. In the kitchen, you really want to focus on “quality over quantity.” All of our cabinetry deals offer high quality, solid wood cabinets with all of the premium offerings. With our packages, you can focus on higher quality upgrades with fewer cabinets for a more dramatic impact. Our cabinet deals include finishes, such as link hinges and runners and soft-close drawers.

2. Symmetry of Cabinets and Space

4 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

Another factor that you’ll want to consider when choosing kitchen cabinets is symmetry or balance. The eye naturally appreciates repetition in design, so simple, symmetrical cabinetry is the most appealing to the most people. To make the design the most aesthetically pleasing, try to keep all of your cabinetry the same size with drawers that are large and also in the same size. Simplicity is the key when it comes to designing an attractive kitchen, so look for understated elegance with your cabinetry design. All of our cabinetry deals right now offer sets of cabinets that are perfectly designed to complement each other and create a stylized, attractive kitchen. Our $1999 deal package features premium cabinet options, such as Wolf Cabinetry, attractive Shaker cabinets, and more.

3. Layout for Cabinetry and Kitchen

4 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr


The layout of kitchen cabinetry is also important. A space with a sensible and open layout allows for better flow through the space. And, incorporating the cabinetry into the design effectively makes a more usable space. Cabinetry should be easy to access and functional, and options should facilitate storage, cooking, and daily use effectively. All of our best kitchen cabinet design options feature a usable sink space, Lazy Susan option for storage, and various wall size cabinets to make the layout as functional as possible. You can choose from any of our deals priced perfectly at $1499, $1999, and $2199 to fit any budget with a high-end design.

4. Best Kitchen Cabinet Color

Color is another important consideration when it comes to choosing kitchen cabinetry. A kitchen that is light and bright is the most appealing for cooking and hosting gatherings. While white cabinetry can make a space feel bigger, there are several other design options that also create a light, airy feel. Our light Crystal Maple kitchen design is an appealing look for many homeowners as is the Toffee Maple, Vanilla Breeze, and any of our others, which are all available in our $1999 package. The key when choosing a color for cabinetry is to go with something classic that fits with the design of the rest of the home. While a unique color can add a fun pop, if it’s not cohesive to the rest of the home, it can actually detract from the value of the home. Natural wood finishes as well as cool white cabinets are always a smart choice.

New kitchen cabinetry is a beneficial investment for any homeowner. Redesigning the kitchen can not only add function to the space, but also improve the aesthetics. When selecting cabinetry, though, it’s important to keep the four key factors of quality, symmetry, layout, and color in mind. As you plan your kitchen remodel, we can help. Give Cabinet New Jersey a call today at 973-396-3316 for your free estimate.

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Painted vs. Stained Kitchen Cabinets – How to Make the Right Decision

February 25, 2016

Whether you’re building an entirely new home or renovating an existing kitchen, one of the most important decisions you’ll face is choosing new cabinets. The style and appearance of your cabinets has a huge effect on the overall aesthetics of your kitchen, so it’s important to make the right choice. One of the biggest points you’ll have to consider is making a choice – painted vs. stained kitchen cabinets, because each offers its own set of advantages. To help you choose, we’ve put together a handy list of things to consider.

Painted vs. Stained Kitchen Cabinets

Painted vs. Stained Kitchen Cabinets - How to Make the Right Decision

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

When choosing new cabinets, the best place to start is considering your kitchen’s decor and the look you’re trying to achieve. A dark, rich stain may look great on its own, but it probably isn’t the best choice if you’re going for a light, airy look. Conversely, light-colored paint or white stained kitchen cabinets may look out of place in a darker, more rustic kitchen. Take time to consider what you want from your new cabinets and how they may fit with the rest of your decor.

While both finishes can be produced in various colors and styles, one common reason for choosing painted cabinets is the virtually unlimited choice of colors. This provides for much greater flexibility and creativity in situations where a wood stain finish simply doesn’t fit. However, because your choice of paint color is so personal, it may not be as appealing to potential buyers should you ever choose to sell your home. This is why stained wood cabinets typically offer a higher resale value than painted cabinets.

Painted vs. Stained Cabinets Cost

Of course, cost should always be a consideration as well. Though there are many factors that influence the price of new kitchen cabinets, painted cabinets can be up to 15 percent more expensive than similar cabinets in a stained finish. This accounts for the added labor necessary to achieve a high-quality painted finish, while stained wood cabinets are often less labor-intensive.

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Painted Cabinets vs. Stained Maintenance

Painted vs. Stained Kitchen Cabinets - How to Make the Right Decision

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

In addition to painted vs. stained cabinets cost, the other important factor to consider is durability and maintenance. In general, the grain patterns and deeper wood colors of stained cabinets are better at hiding everyday imperfections such as fingerprints, smudges and dirt. The smooth surfaces and lighter colors of painted cabinets may look great in the pages of a magazine, but they’ll require more frequent cleaning if you want them looking their best.

On the other hand, it’s often much easier to touch up chips, scratches and other imperfections on painted cabinets than to match a lacquered or stained and varnished finish, which is more likely to require professional attention. Another thing to consider if you’re choosing between paint or stain oak kitchen cabinets is that paint is more vulnerable to the seasonal expanding and contracting of wood. This may even cause visible fracturing or chipping of the paint finish in some cases, so it’s important to be aware of this possibility.

Now that you’re aware of the difference between painted and stained finishes, you’ll be better equipped to make the best choice for your home. Whether you’ve settled on paint or stain oak kitchen cabinets, white stained kitchen cabinets or something else entirely, Cabinet New Jersey has you covered. Our expert staff is ready to assist with all your kitchen cabinet needs. So call or stop by today and see what we can do for you!

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