Best Kitchen Cabinet Styles for 2016

Kitchen cabinet styles and trends change over the years. This is why it is good to have a variety to update your kitchen. This depends on the homeowner though because different styles have different kitchen cabinet prices.

There are always differences between various types of cabinets in terms of design. They also differ in kitchen cabinet materials. We will be going over the best kitchen cabinet styles for this 2016.

Modern Style

Modern styles are noticeable by their simplistic look. Usually, modern kitchen cabinet doors emphasize minimalism. This is because they are made to be more functional.

Most of these cabinets have been changed throughout the years. Recently, neutral colors have come onto the scene. Many homeowners are opting for a refined earthy look in their kitchens.

Although earth tones are new to this style, there is no limit as to which color your modern cabinet can be. It is important for a cabinet though to harmonize with the rest of your interior. The kitchen cabinet prices can vary based on cabinet styles and on kitchen cabinet materials.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Traditional styles cover a broad range of kitchen cabinet styles such as Georgian and Mediterranean styles. Noticeable among traditional kitchen cabinet doors are their artistic curves and cuts. These can be seen with classic furniture designs.

Shaker style cabinets have also been making an impact during the last few years. It has been revamped to use quality materials with their simple design to bring your kitchen to life! Usually, traditional kitchen cabinet materials are made of hard wood like Mahogany. Still, you can choose different materials depending on kitchen cabinet prices.


Best Kitchen Cabinet Styles for 2016

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Nowadays, modern-traditional kitchen cabinet designs are emerging. The combination of both modern and traditional kitchen cabinet doors are becoming popular. This is because a lot of manufacturers nowadays offer customized designs. Therefore, it is the market that dictates the mixture of such styles.

Within this style, functional designs found their way into the mix. These include creative cabinets with pull-out shelving and toe-kick drawers.


Since technology is making our lives easier, why not be able to have add-ins within the kitchen? This may seem like a new concept, but many people are catching on to this trend. Cabinets now include built-in charging stations, tablet holders, and hands-free function ability.

Which Is the Best Design?

There is no right or wrong in choosing the best kitchen cabinet design for your home. What is best for you is all that matters. Nonetheless, you can consider several factors in choosing the best one for you such as:

  • Your budget
  • Your home’s interior
  • The size of your kitchen
  • The company where you will purchase them


Best Kitchen Cabinet Styles for 2016

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

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Good cabinets always help define the design and style of a kitchen layout. A part of this depends on the kitchen cabinet materials. Nevertheless, why settle for less if you can get the best? Always remember that homeowners know what’s best for their kitchen, so, with consideration to kitchen cabinet prices, choose the best kitchen cabinets for your home today.

Featured image source: Flickr

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